Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Type IV: Styrofome Exploration....FAIL

After the paper bending experiments I started looking at some of the photographs that I took in the documentation process and came across some nice shapes that were coming out of the different perspective shots.  So I vectored ontop of the images of the abstracted letterforms and started playing with the 3d extrude and revolve tool to see how that effects them.  Then I decided to try to build the actual letterforms out of foam to see if I could make sense of the letters.  I used the letters D U and I and was going to see if the perspective of the way you looked at them would spell out DUI.  The foam experiment kind of was the worst idea ever considering it was a frieking mess and had horrible results. The letterforms were already abstracted enough and I couldn't achieve the precision of the light stroke weights of the abstracted letterform in the foam cuttings so now I think I am going to work strictly digitally and maybe do an alphabet of the abstracted letterforms or compare and contrast between typefaces. Ahhh... its coming down to the last few days of experimentation..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Type IV: More Paper Type Folding!

Here is another folding experiment that I was doing. Basically I stretched the type digitally and printed it off and folded it many times in an accordion fold to see  how dimension distorts the letterform and also to see if I could make it seem anamorphic by changing the dimension of the paper. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Info Arch: New Interface

Here is my latest revisions of my interface. I am still working on the stylization of the rest of my infographs, but basically for each bot the interface will look like the bottom image with the same layout but different photo angles of bots and different infographs for different bots. Black area around the yellowish area is where you would have to expand or scroll over to reveal. Stay tuned for more updates!