Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Type IV: Mailer's TESTS

Final Schedule.

Final Front Mailer.
Final Back Mailer.
Final Envelope for Mailer
Final Intro Screen for Lecture
Envelope, for Mailer and Schedules.
Final Mailer Front
Final Schedule 
Final Mailer Back
This is a experiment I was working with earlier. Using the 3d effect tool I created a new model of NP out of the word schedule. I eventually scrapped it because I didn't think it was working.
This is the final Front side of the mailer. Suggestions? please comment!:)

More tests trying to integrate the type in with the logo more.... 3d renderings or not?
Latest update on type setting of Schedule: Attendees would be able to check off which lectures they want to attend, and can cut out and bring with them to conference. 
Schedule (in progress). Boxes are for attendee to decide on which lectures they want to attend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

TYPE IV: Mailer One

Type IV: Identity FINAL

Here is my final built letterform photographed and rendered as a bitmap ontop of actual photograph, along with two colors ontop.  I will be using this logotype throughout my artifacts and also using other things that I have built as well for additional elements (paper folding experiments etc.). My main goal for artifacts is a mailable informative poster for the conference.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Type IV: Identity Ingriedients

Type IV: Final Concept Map and Timeline

Type IV: Artifacts revised

This is what Im going to make:


-Fold Up Poster  (Poetic)
-Postcard   (Poetic)
-Schedule   (Practical)
-Postcard   (Practical)
-Wallpaper (Poetic)
Conference Artifacts:
-Posters 2X (24 x 36'') or bigger!  (Poetic)
-Sign-age Directional System   (Practical)
-Presenter Into Screens   (Practical/Poetic)
-T-SHIRTS   (Poetic)