Thursday, December 3, 2009

MX: Portfolio Crit Space

Check it out here!

what you hoped to achieve in its design:
In my portfolio site I wanted to create a unique experience through the use of a grid-like wall of work displayed in a collage like form. I did not want to categorize my work because I wanted it to all be mixed together to get a sense of how I work as a designer. I feel like everything is intertwined in some way, so I wanted to display my design intertwined with my other artwork in a grid like structure. I wanted the work to be easily obtained by the viewer, and for it to be read quick and fast.
what you learned through this process:
Throughout the process of this project it taught me how to think about other types of interaction between the user and an interface design. The idea of an interface being transparent to a user is something that I felt was important to web design and interface design. I also learned some new technical aspects of html and css code, using Jquery.
what you are most proud of:
I am just proud of myself for actually pursuing something that I had no clue of how I was going to build. I feel like I got a better understanding for html code now, and surprised myself when it came to actually getting stuff to work. I feel like I don't hate interface design as much as I used to, and will continue to explore its possibilities.
what you struggled most with:
I had a hard time with some of the functionality of the site, that still is not resolved, but will be in the future. Also I had a hard time with sticking to traditional ways of navigation. I feel like I need to do some user testing, to see how they interact with the images.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MX: Reading Response #3

Moving from cinema to the computer screen was greatly influenced from the military and radar system. I thought that this was really interesting how they made connections between cinema and radar, how it sends live information to the viewer. The SAGE system and the invention of the light pen really opened up a new way of human-interface interaction. The fact that this opened up new possibilities of that made it possible to directly affect reality through the interaction of the light pen with different radar 'dots'. The computer screen opened up new meaning to a virtual reality. Being a rectangle, that we look through into a new world, that is limited by the parameters of the rectangle led to more innovative approaches to virtual reality where the rectangle is completely eliminated. I thought that this pertained to new web-cam interaction interfaces similar to what Ian is doing for his website. Where you are actually in reality touching something that is live in virtual reality, and bring the two together in a unique way. These types on interactions is what keeps pushing new technologies of interaction design.

MX: Website

Got my website domain up and runnin. No content yet but a good start at functionality.