Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet 3d characters

I didn't create any of these but found them from friend. Thought that they were pretty amazing.

SE: Barricade Design

Possibility for a construction barricade design for the Guggenheim Museuem, Bilbao.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DP: Revised Timeline

Week 4
Monday 2/15 Weds. 2/17
-Prez over mag insert -Start branding process

Week 5
Monday 2/22 Weds 2/24
-Have name decided as -Progress on branding.
well as logotype choices.
-start looking at color palette.
-Refine Mag. insert.

Week 6
Monday 3/1 Weds 3/3
-Brand completed -Midterm Prez
-test in prototypes.

Week 7
Monday 3/8 Weds 3/10
-Refinements from brand -Progress on website, trials of brand in magazine insert.
-start website wireframes

Week 8
Monday 3/22 Weds 3/24
-Wireframes for interactive -Progress on wireframes and touchpoints.
-Start working on touchpoints.

Week 9
Monday 3/29 Weds 3/31
-Have all touchpoints ready -Start printing pieces and making final stuff.
for print.
-Continue working on interactive

Week 10
Monday 4/5 Weds 4/7
-Photograph all printed -Make any last changes to process book.
-Have interactive demo reel
almost complete.

Week 11
Monday 4/12 Weds 4/14
-Present Final artifacts. -Refinements

Week 12
Monday 4/19 Weds 4/21
-Present -Refine

SE: Baracade Designs

Beginning model stages.

These are just a few of the barricade designs that I found for inspiration.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PP: Possible Backup Website Plan

Starting from scratch! Wish me luck Im going to need it!
This is something that I am working with for a backup plan of completing a portfolio website. My MX project is pretty heavy in coding and I am not sure if I am going to be able to complete it, so I am going to try and make a more simple html portfolio site. This is going to be main page of site. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

DP: Experimentation 2

First experiments with moving elements around through an interactive prototype.

Taking it further into a better layering system using 1/4 inch foamcore. Hot glued corners so that you can slip transparency sheets into three sections, so that user can layer however he/she wants to create their graphic.

Hand inking billabong typography to use for example inserts.
First attemps at layering.