Sunday, January 31, 2010

DP: Experimentation

two color

two color

Test 3
Result Test 2
Test 2 Variation of first
Result from replacing shapes with elements. (Using other surf brand for now.)
Using basic shapes to create composition, then replacing with elements (brand typography, image/logo, and texture.
Test Grid 1
Grid System:
1) How can I apply a grid structure to a surfboard in order to get varied graphics?
2) Does a grid help non-designers make good design?
3) How does a complex grid inform the rider?
-Is it too complicated for them to understand?
-More dynamic compositions?

Puzzle Piece:
1) How can a puzzle piece idea help inform good design decision?

No Structure:
1)What happens when someone is given three design elements, and asked to create composition?
-Does it have good results, or crappy?
Design System:
What type of elements do I include?
What scales can elements be included in a 'package'?
-Big Type?
-Full bleed?
-Full color image? Bitmap?
How can it be applied?
-By rider?
-Materials Included?
-Board Shop?
-Requires Specialty

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DP: Dream Job?

Well since high-school my dream job would have to be producing surfboards and designing graphics for my own line of surf gear. It would be amazing to have a surf shop off the coast where I could surf daily and design daily, as well as do some silk-screen printing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

DP: Initial Questions

Ok, so after Genia and I discussed our degree projects we concluded these design questions:


-How can I design a system that will allow riders to create custom board graphics?

-How can a design system aid riders with quality custom board graphics?

-How can a design system help aid surfers to create custom board graphics of their own?

-How can a grid system help non-designers create quality board graphics?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Internship: Identity

Mocked up on Chipboard.

Business Card #2
Business Card #1

About page
with some mock photos
Website (In progress..)

Over the break I was given the task of creating an identity with a predesigned logo. The company is an old letterpress printing company that does specialty printing and other things like foil embossing, die cutting, and scoring. I am creating the stationary along with some website screens.

Revised Poster


This was one of my modes of appeal posters that I did a couple of semesters back. In my review I was told to work on the typography, so I have been doing some revisions and might do some silk screen prints of them. :)