Sunday, August 30, 2009

VA: NEW TOPIC: Drunk Driving

So I decided to partner up with Blake and research about drunk driving. Here are a couple of quick facts that I found.
Here is a link to a blog post that I found interesting and maybe useful in our research journey.
Also another Blog site dedicated to DUI articles.

VA: Research

KC Violence: Murders/Homicides
(8/28/09)- 1 male shot and killed
(8/22/09)- 16 year old boy shot & killed in his sleep!
(8/23/09)- 20 year old Robert Moran shot and killed
(8/24/09)- 1 teen shot off Bannister Rd.
1 killed and 1 wounded @ 2000 block South 47th Terr.
1 killed @ 49th and Belfontaine
1 found dead in Apartment @ 3000 block of NE 37th

August 14th 2009
Article: KCPD Refigures its homicide count
-total number of homicides = 82 so far in 2009
August 13th 2009
Article: Who was Mauro Pacheco?
-38 year old Honduran native who was married w/ two children, was shot and killed during a robbery at West Side Hair Salon.
August 12th 2009
Article: KCPD names man killed last night by stray bullet.
-3500 block Wayne; 42 year old Larry Parker was shot and killed.
August 17th 2009
Article: South's high murder rate is key factor in why U.S. homicide rat is so high.
-Many murders in the South are of personal and traditional nature such as:
*barroom brawl
*quarrell between acquaintances
*fight between lovers
-other reasons:
*botched robbery
*typically involve strangers
Problem behind the Problem:
Why are so many people committing these random acts of violence against each other?
Here are some reasons that I came up with:
-Economy downfall
-Gun control laws/ Gun safety
-No jobs
-Media/ T.V./Movies/video games
-verbal conflicts

Friday, August 14, 2009

International Logos: Challenger Teamwear Internship


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